Above right mural is on the front of Weekenders Flea Market in Lowell, AR.   It is approximately 7'x19'
Another  mural, 7'x14' at Weekenders Flea Market
Wall Murals at Maria's Mexican Restaurant
This Restaurant serves great Mexican food and is located right next to Block Busters on Walnut Street in Rogers, AR
This mural is 5'x12'
This Mural measures 42"x60"

Below is a view of the restaurant, depicting several other murals.
This mural consists of two 42"x72" panels
Above is a bad pic (sorry) but shows another 42"x60"  mural
Mural to right is another column painting

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Razorback Hog Murals
Jim's Razorback, Prairie Grove, AR
Jim's Razorback, Centerton, AR