Jim's Razorback Pizza
Prairie Grove, Arkansas

I enjoyed painting these murals, especially because Brenda and her family were what I consider just good "home grown country folks".  They are so very hospitable and appreciative.
  (It did not hurt any that their pizza was delicious either!)
The picture (above left) portrays an architectural problem in paint.  There is inadequate support for the entire arch, which is not any real problem since the entire arch weighs no more than is own paint.  I found the situation humorous because it tended to bother so many people who viewed it.  I solved the problem by adding to the dilemma (and the humor of the situation)  In many of the pictures you can see each beam being supported by various methods, including one tiger, one razorback chef, one hemp rope being pushed up from the floor, one hemp rope being supported by the sky, one chain pushing up from the floor, and one chain being held by the sky
Below and Below Right are a couple of "In Progress" shots, showing the painting as it evolved
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