Holiday Yard Cards
Decorate the front of your Home or Business with a custom message of your own

Sign Artist Steve Hodgin 479-295-4634
225 Main St. Washburn, MO 65772
This card was one of a series of themed Christmas Carol cards designed for just one neighborhood.

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Whenever I make one of these it usually ends up in the local paper.  Bale of hay not included.

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Santa is always a popular favorite at Christmas time.

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These very high quality yard decorations are designed to withstand the rigors of winter weather.  Based upon one months use per year these units are designed to last up to 30 years with moderate maintenance and reasonable care.

These Yard Cards are made from durable 1/2" Medium Density Plywood (MDO) which is a high quality plywood faced with a resin impregnated paper to prevent checking and paint deterioration.  They are painted with a high quality primer and finish coated with a very high quality gloss enamel.  They are hand painted and lettered  using oil based enamels. Occasionally custom personalization of family names is added with computer cut vinyl.