The signs in the lower panels are mounted on Rough Sawn Cedar panels laminated on both sides over 3/4" Plywood supports.

The Posts are Ponderosa Pine and the carvings below were done with a chainsaw.

This structure stands 25 feet high and is located in Estes Park, Colorado
Of the pictures below only the Aycock Roberts and the Mother Hubbards signs are sandblasted.  Nutri-Slim and Cannon's are magnetic, and Dynamic Signs is a banner.  American Flyer sign is a 4'x8' MDO plywood sign
Sandblasted signs are made from Redwood. Cedar, Glass or High Density Sign Foam by masking the raised areas and then sandblasting the recessed areas away.  this method produces beautiful 3-D relief images which usually last much longer than any other type signage.

Of the signs below, only the Nature Lovers sign is sandblasted.  The others are hand painted on MDO plywood.
I especially enjoyed working on this sandblasted redwood sign due to the detail work involved.
Before and After shots of this entryway