Here is the work progress of the installation of the wrap-around lighted canopy awning for Jim's Razorback Pizza in Bentonville
Above is the picture as we begin lifting this 300# monster with the help of a very slow chain hoist.  Sure wish Jim would buy me a crane

Above center is the picture of the frame in place and scotch taped to the building (just kidding...we actually used duct tape!)
Top Right is the picture Ben wanted to have taken showing him effortlessly lifting the 200# side frame

The picture to the left reveals the truth as the van is doing all the work
This picture shows the fabric applied and stretched on the top and bottom.  Below are pictures of the finished awning
Note the new color of the graphic striping and new paint on the building which is to include hogs running in the taupe stripe
Below and right are pictures of the finished project including the wall graphics
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